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is what we stand for.

Feeding the body, mind and soul is what we do.

We’re working with the natural elements of pulses to sustainably produce nutritious ingredients with unique and pristine qualities.

Produced in South Australia using 100% Australian faba beans.

We aim to be the preferred partner of food manufacturers with their finger on the pulse.

It’s time to rethink food and Activate: BETTER.

Think about this.

People buy food that’s desirable.

This means wholesome food that looks and sounds familiar, with ingredients they recognise and trust.

All you need to do is answer their desires.

It’s that simple.

But when it comes to protein and starch, it hasn’t been.
For too long Australian food manufacturers haven’t had local access to a pure source of these ingredients.

Until now.

Welcome to Integra Foods, your home-grown seed to fork solution.

Pure: FABA.

Faba bean concentrates are the ingredient of choice for anyone concerned about the environment and climate.

We’ve answered the call with our all-natural range of Pure: FABA concentrated proteins and starches that deliver simple, clean label appeal.

Native Pure: FABA is a natural replacement for ultra processed imported proteins and starches that have had their chemical structure altered – denatured – using acids, alkalis or solvents.

That’s great news for your consumers who want to eat safe, nourishing food.

It’s also great news for you.
It means our ingredients are naturally functional, making them highly versatile and useable across a broad range of diverse food and beverage applications.

That’s food for thought.

Our ingredients are:

Exceptionally functional.

Remarkably versatile.

Outstanding texture.

Worth thinking about.

Our unique, dry fractionation process is ground-breaking technology.

This game-changing sustainable technique uses 90% less power and zero water and chemicals, compared to conventional methods for isolating proteins and starches from grains.

The outcome is innovative, on-trend ingredient solutions perfect for brands rising to meet the growing demand for sustainably produced food that promotes attributes such as non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and wellness philosophies such as flexitarian and holistic lifestyles.

Here's to the rethinkers.

We see a world where people aren’t
forced to choose between health and taste.

Do you?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Have a question?
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Let’s talk.

Partner with Integra Foods today and rethink your clean ingredient strategy.


Ours is a story of provenance and integrity. Of integration and innovation. Choose us and you choose the source. It’s a story of mindfulness and viability. Choose us and you choose the planet. We invite you to explore the story of our business and turn the page on yours.
Proudly produced in South Australia. Choose us and you choose local.
Our faba beans are sourced from farms that aim to increase soil health, encourage biodiversity, and improve environmental management.

Our process is:

Environmentally sustainable.

Vertically integrated.

Smart technology.

Rest assured the quality of your ingredients is safe with us.

Rarely seen in Australia, Integra Foods is ISO 9001 and soon to be ISO 22000 certified, an extremely high level of certification for internal quality management and food safety management systems standards.

We think that’s awesome.
Faba beans are:

Allergen free.

Protein rich.

Gluten Free.

Highly nutritious.


Don't overthink it.

The push is on for better.

We’re the partner of choice for food manufacturers who see the bigger picture and want to get ahead of the curve.

We’d love to hear from you.

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