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Get the edge you need and take advantage of our vertically integrated approach to designing next-gen ingredient solutions you can count on.

Who: WE ARE.

Our expertise is your recipe for success.

We’re a vertically integrated, single-source, closed-loop pulse ingredients business.
We believe in rethinking food and activating better through collaboration.

Uniquely positioned with a natural advantage to meet the growing demand for a transparent, sustainable food system, we’ve joined the race to feed a wealthier, healthier planet.

We make proteins, starches, and flours in South Australia from Australian faba beans that are sustainably grown by specialist farmers, under contract to our parent company Australian Grain Export.

We know faba beans and their benefits as a food ingredient.
Since 1996 we’ve had a leading role in the growth and development of Australia’s pulse industry.

We forged the opening of new markets around the world for Australian pulses, turning lowly ‘break’ crops into specialised, high value crops for farmers and international food manufacturers.

Purpose and Passion

The world is changing.
We’re united in our vision to rethink food and activate better.
It drives us to think ahead and deliver innovative ingredient solutions.

People and Culture

Our team is optimistic and open to what’s possible.
We view our customers as partners.
Every day we use our skills and creativity to expand their horizons.

Leadership and Governance

We’ve grown from strength to strength with integrity.
High ethical standards and compliance is our recipe for success.
We’re disciplined, strategic and consistent.

Heritage and Values

We draw inspiration from our roots in rural and regional Australia.
These country principles define who we are as an organisation.
And how we do business.

Safety and Quality

Peoples’ well-being is very serious.
That’s why we’ve implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.
A food safety certification system rarely seen in Australia.

Loyal Pulse Growers

Reputation is everything.
That’s why we’re preferred by thousands of farmers.
Their children now grow for us.

Value Chain Thinking

We’re a paddock-to-plate business focused on consumer preferences.
We’ve used these preferences to transform the supply chain for pulses.
The outcome is competitive advantage for everyone involved.

Innovation and Technology

Sustainable food systems are the future.
Our goal is producing more from less, that’s also better for you.
That’s why we invest in smart technology.

What: WE DO.

Connecting foodies to farmers.

Consumer trends are driving rapid change across food. People are more food and health conscious than ever.

They want to know where and how their food was raised, processed, and brought to market.

They’re interested in the ideals of local, authentic, traceable, transparent, and ethical.

Increasingly diverse and personal demands of the food they consume is putting immense pressure on food manufacturers.

From our position spanning the pulse supply chain, we have a unique ability to help.

Value-Added Agriculture.

Our approach to this challenge was to create an innovative business model that integrates different parts of the plant-based ingredient supply chain.

The outcome is a manufacturing process that increases the value and appeal of primary plant-based food ingredients in the eyes of consumers.

Known as vertical – or value – integration, we’re simply adding value at every step by combining in one company the several stages of ingredient production traditionally performed by separate companies using a horizontal – or transactional – model.

This means partnering with us gives you unrivalled access to knowledge, integrity, and industry-leading transparency about pulses and the ingredients we make from them, with full traceability back to the farmer who grew them.

Our value-added, plant-based model enables food manufacturers to address the evolving demands of consumers that are consistent with their values.

How: WE DO IT.

Cutting-edge solution to enriching food.

Proteins are a vital part of the human diet. The demand for protein is increasing enormously.

This demand can no longer be met by animal proteins alone.
Natural, plant-based sources of protein such as pulses will become increasingly important to meet the needs of the population.

To optimise the use of protein found in pulses such as faba beans, we invested in a unique process of protein shifting called dry fractionation.

These fine proteins are enriched and separated from the coarse components such as starch.

The outcome is protein rich and starch rich powdered concentrates.

The enrichment of protein in a dry process by means of grinding and classifying is a highly effective, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient method.

The advantages of dry fractionation are:

  • Efficient separation of protein and starch

  • Energy efficient operation

  • No water consumption

  • Economical by-products

  • No e-numbers required

  • Chemical-free processing

What’s the difference between natural protein and denatured protein?

The first of its kind in Australia, Integra uses an environmentally friendly dry fractionating technique to separate the starches from the proteins in faba beans.

Most of the conventional proteins and starches currently used in food manufacturing are produced using wet fractionation, which involves the pulses being made into modified isolates that alter their chemical structure.

Under our dry fractionation method, the starch and protein particles in the flour are separated using a differential weight-based centrifugation process, which unlike the traditional wet extraction method does not affect their natural structure.

Using 90% less energy, dry fractionation separates the proteins and starches in pulses without the need for water, acids, alkalis, solvents or drying as required for traditional methods.

This is great news for consumers who want you to use natural, clean label ingredients.

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