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The universal quest for self-improvement.

Now’s the time to leverage the growth of the ‘betterment’ trend.

Our campaign to Activate: BETTER calls upon food manufacturers to join them by bettering the quality of the ingredients they’re using – and source them locally.

People are on the road to self-betterment, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally.

A health and wellness renaissance are changing the way people think about their lives and they are joining the move for better.

The insistent and extraordinary growth of the ‘betterment’ trend provides a stark insight into a very real human need – the need for self-care through consciousness and mindfulness.

Betterment means self-enrichment, it means achievement – and it means status.

Betterment is the desire to do better, be better and feel better, in all areas of life – and increasingly, a want to do more for others, communities and the planet.

This is very much a personal journey with people seeing themselves as individuals, not as a mass of consumers.

Their core motivation is a healthy lifestyle that is respectful of others and the world they live in.

Seeking ways to fulfil their desires to better themselves and the world around them, people believe the choices they make about food are vital for the betterment of society and are using these choices to positively influence what matters to them.

People are curating their own identities more than ever before and expect food manufacturers to know who they are and what they want.

The key for food manufacturers is to make food that targets these shared attitudes, values, and desires with simple, natural formulations.

Increasingly, people are using ingredient lists to evaluate if indeed food manufacturers have hit the mark.

Health and wellness will continue to become a more important part of how people live their lives.

Everybody wants to individually calibrate their health.

Peoples’ preference for natural, simple, and flexible diets will drive further demand for plant-based ingredients.

Agile food manufacturers are well positioned to adapt to the growing ‘betterment’ mindset with conviction and human touch.

Thinking and activating ‘better’ when it comes to ingredients, gives food manufacturers a unique opportunity to create sensory experiences through which they can develop stronger, lasting connections with people to build all-important brand loyalty and growth.

To be successful food brands need to make products that not only feed the body, but also the mind and soul of modern consumers.

Food is a business like no other.
Food is not a commodity.
It’s not a consumer good.
It’s far more important.

Food is a part of who we are. The way we eat tells our view on the world, our meaning in life.

Around the world people are reconnecting with food and exploring new alternatives.

Partner with us and join the move towards cleaning up food.

Clean living and clean environment through clean ingredients.

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