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Our history.

The origins of Integra Foods date back to 1996 with the establishment of Australian Grain Export in Maitland, a small farming community on the Yorke Peninsula of regional South Australia.

At this time the grain industry was beginning to evolve through deregulation, and AGE became an early adopter of exporting containerised grain direct to end customers around the world.

In particular, the company capitalised on the opportunity to market Australian pulses such as lentils to international food processers and manufacturers.

Over the next decades AGE continued to lead the development of Australia’s pulse industry, turning lowly ‘break’ commodity crops into high-value food products.

This dramatically improved the sustainability of farming.

In many countries that consume a high proportion of plant-based protein, Australian origin pulses are now well-known and highly sought thanks to AGE.

Through strategic innovation and market foresight, AGE recently evolved into a vertically integrated, single-source ingredients business.

We supply the food and feed manufacturing industry with specialised powdered concentrates derived from locally grown pulses.


Our brands are the heart of Integra Foods.

Every day they inspire us to Activate: BETTER by delivering ground-breaking ingredient solutions to our customers that allow them to stay ahead of the curve.


Our vision and values.

Our mission is to Activate: BETTER.

To us betterment means:

  • Working with crops that sustainably improve their surrounding natural environment.

  • Using new market access through value adding to improve the financial sustainability of farming.

  • Implementing vertical integration through value chain thinking to continuously add benefit.

  • Investing in sustainable manufacturing methods that use substantially less energy.

  • Producing clean, natural ingredients without using chemicals, solvents, or enzymes.

  • Harmonious food that activates the mind, body and soul through wellness and wellbeing.

We value:









with us.

Product solutions.

Integra Foods is a seed-to-fork ingredient solutions business that has partnered with the world’s most sustainable grain farmers.

From a single source we directly access premium pulses with an enviable reputation for the quality needed to make our all-natural products.

That’s why food manufacturers can trust our ingredients to perform every time across a diverse range of applications.

We’re here to collaborate with Australia’s local food industry and help it stay ahead of the curve by pursuing better ways to deliver wholesome foods people love to eat.

As a vertically integrated business we add value at every step of the ingredient journey, ensuring our solutions are what you need to succeed.

We understand the investment required and share your passion to shape the future of food.

Doing business with us.

As a vertically integrated, single source business we have aligned our system of activities to add value at every step along the way.

The alignment of these key components supports your sustainability and success as a food manufacturer, allowing you to expand your focus to all the various dimensions that are driving peoples’ choices and include those value points in your products.

Expectations of suppliers.

The integrity and success of what we do starts and ends with our farmers.

They play a key role in the accomplishment of our operations and subsequently the success of your undertakings as a food manufacturer.

This is why we set clear expectations with our farmers to ensure they understand the process and share the same values beyond the farm gate.

Our farmers comply and operate under stringent quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure what they grow and deliver meets your needs and that of the people buying your food.

We work closely with our value chain participants to ensure we reliably meet the highest safety and quality standards at each stage of the process.

Our unshakeable commitment to provenance and the implementation of the highest food safety management control measures – such as ISO 22000 – throughout our entire value chain is shared by the farmers that supply us.



We do not compromise when it comes to the environment.

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of all our processes, systems, and business activities.

We are continually looking for ways to reduce the impacts of our facilities, products, and operations on the environment.

Through water, electricity, land management, waste reduction, and technology initiatives we’re leading the ingredient industry in sustainable environmental practices.

Sustainable growing.

Good for ecology and climate, growing pulses such as faba beans improves biodiversity, soil health and groundwater quality.

Faba beans are one of the pulses with by far the smallest CO2 footprint.

A key environmental benefit is their ability to symbiotically convert atmospheric nitrogen to soil-available nitrogen under a broad spectrum of environmental conditions.
The excess atmospheric nitrogen bound by faba beans improves soil fertility for the next following crop, reducing or eliminating the need for artificial fertilisers.

Less artificial nitrogen fertilisation means less climate-damaging gases such as CO2 and nitrous oxide being released into the atmosphere.
That’s why compared to a classical mineral fertiliser-based crop rotation, a pulse-based crop rotation can help reduce the potential for global warming.

Reducing the use of artificial nitrogen also lowers the undesirable increased nitrate content of groundwater which ends up in natural freshwater flows and eventually the ocean.
The use of artificial herbicides is also dramatically reduced, as the dense foliage of the faba bean naturally controls weeds.

Grown exclusively on existing arable land and integrated into the natural crop rotation, faba beans are the ingredient of choice for anyone concerned about the environment and climate.

Sustainable processing.

People want simple, pure foods with safe, clean ingredients that provide superior taste and texture without any additives.
Traditional wet fractionation processes used to make conventional powdered protein and starch consume excessive amounts of water and energy, to produce highly refined products using solvents, enzymes, or chemicals.

The outcome is highly refined, denatured products that have lost their natural structure and active properties, and a lot of contaminated runoff.

During wet fractionation a significant amount of the original raw material and nutrients is also lost as waste.
When formulating food using these inert types of industrial ingredient products, additives are recombined to make them functional again.

Why not create pure, functional ingredients that are naturally enriched and bioactive in the first place?
Afterall, that’s what people want to eat.

Unlike conventional wet extraction, we do not denature our proteins and starches through chemical modification.

Pure: FABA is only physically modified using a dry extraction method without the use of solvents or enzymes, and radically less water and energy, leading to much better use of the original raw material.

Our dry fractionation process uses 90% less power than wet fractionation, and zero water and chemicals.
This produces naturally functional and versatile clean concentrates which unlike denatured concentrates, do not need re-modification with additives or companion additives – the E-numbers – to make them usable for food manufacturing.

That’s why Pure: FABA requires no E-numbers, which is great news for your consumers who want you to use clean label ingredients.

Dry fractionation allows us to combine the best of three worlds:
the production process is comprehensively more efficient in the use of water, energy, and raw materials.

excellent products may be formulated without requiring additives thus allowing clean labelling.

the unrefined ingredients fit into diets that will allow us to live healthier, long lives.

Responsible sourcing.

As a seed-to-fork ingredient solutions business, responsible sourcing is central to the success of our products.

We seek to engage with farmers that are driven by environmental purpose to grow the highest quality pulses.

We have very clear expectations of our farmers, ensuring the values of Integra Foods and those of our customers are shared by them.

Our unflagging dedication to quality assurance and the implementation of the highest certified food safety management control measures throughout the entire value chain are shared by our farmers and is the reason we have such a strong record of delivering safe and reliable products.


Good governance has many benefits.

We’re constantly striving to improve the performance of our business, help it become more stable and productive, and unlock new opportunities for the benefit of our suppliers and customers.

We practice good governance to reduce risks, enable faster and safer growth and improve our commercial reputation and foster trust with our suppliers and customers by fostering an innovative culture.

Our governance process is overseen by the Board of Directors and implemented by the executive team, supported by our key senior people entrusted to manage the day-to-day performance of Integra Foods and to deliver the appropriate programs and initiatives to meet our strategic objectives and those of our suppliers and customers.
We seek to cultivate long-term relationships with our stakeholders to strengthen our progress and that of our suppliers and customers.

Active and ongoing engagement with our external stakeholders is essential to our growth and development by creating and implementing innovative strategies and delivering world-class ingredients to the food manufacturing industry.

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